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Bonjour, Manchester!

As we inch closer to Bastille Day, we can't help but notice that summer here is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot. The sun plays hide-and-seek behind clouds, and we're more likely to reach for an umbrella than a sunhat. But fear not, because while Manchester might be serving up dreary weather, the River Restaurant is dishing out the sunshine with the new summer a la carte menu!

Bastille Day: Vive la Manchester!

Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14th, is a time of joy and festivity. Imagine the streets of Paris bursting with parades, music, and fireworks—a stark contrast to our own overcast skies. Yet, there's no need to book a flight to France because the River Restaurant is bringing the essence of a French summer right to our doorstep.

Sunshine on a Plate, the new A La Carte from Executive Head Chef, Bartosz Synzaka

Our chefs have outdone themselves, crafting a menu that's bursting with seasonal flavours and French flair. Let’s dive into some of the highlights that will transport you from the rainy streets of Manchester to the sunny views of Paris.

To Begin With...

Start your culinary escape with a Sourdough Basket served with Smoked Whipped Butter and Honey. Or kick things off with some Padron Peppers sprinkled with Dill Salt Flakes (VE, GF) – think of it as a little sunshine with every bite. For those who crave a bit of spice, the Baby Roasted Chorizo with Romesco Sauce and Crispy Onion will have you saying “ooh la la!”

Starters to Set the Mood

Our starters are designed to lift your spirits. The Tomato Provençal Consommé with Parmesan and Basil is a vibrant bowl of beautiful ingredients. If seafood is more your style, the Cured Trout with Cucumber, Citrus, Fennel, and Smoked Crème Fraiche is as refreshing as a dip in the Mediterranean. For a touch of decadence, the Beef Tartare with Anchovies, Brioche, and Summer Truffle is essential.

Bringing the Heat

Rain or shine, our grill is always on fire. Choose from the succulent Salmon Steak, the intensely flavourful 30 Days Dry Aged Sirloin (10oz), or the tender Lamb Rump (8oz). Feeling indulgent? The 30 Days Dry Aged Beef Fillet (8oz) or the shared experience of Chateaubriand will make you forget all about those gloomy skies. Pair your grill choice with sauces like Peppercorn, Café de Paris, Chimichurri, Red Wine Sauce, Garlic Butter, or Blue Cheese.

Summer Lovin’

Our main courses are all about celebrating the best of summer. The Free Range Cornfed Chicken Breast with BBQ Lettuce, Sweetcorn, Chestnut Mushroom, and Foie Gras Vin Jaune is a festival of flavours. The Seabass Fillet with Courgette, Spring Onion, Parisienne Ragout, and Sauce Vierge will whisk you away to a sunny coastal village. For the meat lovers, the Cannon of Lamb with Spinach, Baby Turnip, Heritage Tomato, and Navarin Sauce is pure comfort food with a twist.

Vegetarians and vegans, we haven’t forgotten you. The Artichokes Barigoule with Carrot, Gremolata, Koffman's Potato, and Tomato is a delightful medley, while the Cauliflower Leek Gratin with Comte, Roscoff, and Parsley is a creamy, cheesy dream.

The Perfect Companions

No meal is complete without the perfect sides. Choose from Triple Cooked Pont Neuf Potato, a Summer Salad dressed in vinaigrette, Creamed or Sauteed Spinach, Sweetcorn and Roasted Pepper Salad, and Charred Tenderstem with Balsamic Glaze. Each side is crafted to complement and enhance your main course.

This Bastille Day, don’t let the Manchester drizzle dampen your spirits. Join us at the River Restaurant and let the summer a la carte menu transport you to the sunny, flavourful landscapes of France.

Bon appétit!