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Enjoy a natural sense of arrival. The space; vast, impressive, modern, spotless, with glass everywhere. Daylight streaming in and a nod to nature. Enter a world where you matter. Where your individuality is appreciated. Embraced.

A doorman’s welcome that makes you want to walk just that little bit taller. Shoulders back. Stride out. Until you stop at our reception desk to be greeted with warm smiles. Maybe an enquiry about your day. Your journey. How far you’ve come and what you need to chill out. A Spa treatment, Champagne on ice or even just some hush to wind down. Our staff - Intuitive, almost as if they know what you desire, before you do.


Then to the lift, ping, 165 bedrooms and 12 stunning suites including the slightly outrageous Presidential Suite.

Take a moment to gaze out of the windows. We’re glass from top to bottom so there’s a lot of staring to be done.

On one side, an ever-evolving city scape. On the other, a more tranquil outlook, the River Irwell and the bridge, beyond.

Eyes back in the building, past the Spa, stop here for pampering. Leave transformed. Wedding venues for romance, meeting spaces for the serious stuff. Then to the restaurant and bar areas, vast with daylight dancing its way in through every glass panel.

Spacious yet intimate too. Artwork casually displayed. Talking points around the hotel. Look up.

Almost like the home of an eccentric collector. And that’s another thing. Home.

Of course it would be ridiculous to suggest we are a ‘home away from home.’ We are so much more than home. We are luxury. We are service. We are an escape, a sanctuary away from the general business of the day, of the mundane lists and shopping trips of home.


We offer an environment that makes you feel completely relaxed, not on edge or self-conscious.

Like our sofas, chairs, beds. They all look modern, urban, chic, but here’s the thing.
They are really, really comfy. Not just for show. They invite you to sit down, to read a magazine, grab a coffee and your laptop. Chat or dare to dream.

That’s what we’ve done. Dreamt of and then created a hotel that’s a real Manchester icon. A talking point. A point of reference. A space that’s shamelessly individual.

We celebrate different here. And we want you to do the same. To spend time in our magnificent hotel and appreciate the beauty of you.

Welcome to The Lowry Hotel.

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