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It slows down the aging process, gives you more energy than any amount of caffeine, and it helps fight off many kinds of illness, all whilst being completely free! So, what is this magic potion? Simple – a good night’s sleep.


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of leading a healthy, happy life, and without enough good quality sleep, it’s easy to see your health and happiness begin to slip away… Of course, when you’re staying at The Lowry Hotel, it’s almost impossible not to have a good night’s sleep in our cosy, plush, yet supportive beds; however not all beds are as irresistible as ours, so be sure to use these tips to ensure you’re getting the sleep you deserve every night.

Sometimes, many of us find it easy to get carried away in the evening. It’s not uncommon to realise hours have run away and its much past the time you planned to go to bed. However, one of the best tips for getting good sleep every night, is to keep to a regular sleep schedule. Ensure you are allocating yourself between 6 and 9 hours each night for sleep and try to keep your bedtime and wake up time roughly the same each day.  One way to ensure you are keeping your schedule regular is to set an alarm to go off everyday 30 minutes before you want to be in bed; this will remind you it’s time to wind down and is a great method if you’re easily distracted.

Living a busy lifestyle leads many of us to be on the go constantly – even right up until bedtime. Unfortunately, this can cause a lower quality of sleep; your body and brain need time to relax in order to be able to drift into a deep, restful sleep. Some great ways to prepare yourself for sleep include taking a warm bath in order to relax your muscles; writing out a to-do list for the next day to alleviate stress; and of course, meditation which allows you to end your day peacefully and move into a truly relaxed state.

One mistake which many people make is bringing the business of the day into the bed. Your bed should be kept solely for sleep and related activities, otherwise your subconscious will associate your bed with other things – which is a sure-fire way to struggle with ‘shutting off’ your mind. To keep your bed sleep friendly try to keep your phone, laptop, and other screens elsewhere; these devices all emit blue light which is very effective at halting the production of melatonin – the hormone which makes us sleepy. Instead, try reading a book or listening to a podcast to unwind.

It’s easy to take a nap when you have some spare time in the day, however napping regularly can be detrimental to your night-time sleep. Experts say an ideal nap length is around 20 minutes, any longer and you’re putting your sleep at risk. Instead, fill your time with healthy habits such as exercise and spending time outside as this helps regulate your circadian rhythm and allow you to sleep well at night. This is why we always include use of our on-site gym in with our stays, as it helps our guests regulate their body clocks!

Are you following all these tips, but still can’t sleep well? Try natural sleep remedies such as camomile tea or diffuse lavender essential oil around your bedroom. Our special Lowry Hotel blend is the perfect night-time drink to relax your body and mind. Make sure your environment is optimum by keeping your bedroom at a cool (not cold) temperature and ensuring it is dark and quiet when you are trying to sleep. If you’re unable to prevent light and sound, try a sleep mask and earplugs as an easy fix!

Many things ranging from jet lag to night shifts can affect your sleep pattern and quality, but fortunately, practising these methods will help your sleep to get back on track. Remember, if you’re looking for somewhere to have a great night’s sleep away from home, The Lowry Hotel is always ready to welcome you into a peaceful, serene, comfortable bedroom.

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