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The benefits of mindful meditation

RE:TREAT offers something unique to their hub of peace and wellness, this is the Somadome – the world’s first meditation pod where you can find quiet and discover your magic.

The Somadome meditation tracks are designed to meet you, where you are, at any given time. Sometimes you need rest and rejuvenation. Other times focus and creativity. You may be seeking peak physical performance or achieving deep transcendental states of consciousness. No matter where you are, there is a track for you.

When you enter the meditation pod, you can select your goal – whether this be love, creativity, focus or just to simply rest. You will then have a specially selected colour for LED therapy along with a guided meditation track suited to your goal. The benefits of guided meditation sessions are endless…

The benefits can vary depending on the individual, however the use of meditation can have an incredible impact on lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity, increasing serotonin, enhancing creativity & focus and meditation can also aid in decreasing tension-related pain, anxiety & sleep issues.

Colour therapy is able to improve speech and communication whilst boosting intuition and transformation of the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The binaural beats that are used in the Somadome pod entrains the brain for deeper meditation and relaxation, it facilitates insights, increases memory and encourages learning. The feeling of calm and connectedness that overcomes you in the pod allows you to fully re:connect with yourself whilst also re:awakening your mind and senses.

Through the combination of colour therapy, binaural beats, and meditation, the Somadome can have a huge positive impact on an individual’s mental wellness that manifests into positive effects on the physical wellbeing.

The Somadome uses sound healing, which uses specific frequencies of sound to restore the free flow of the body’s natural energies, restoring balance to the body’s functions. The frequencies that are used within your session allow for the chemicals in your body to communicate with one another creating a connection to the body’s electromagnetic energy. This energy is vital in promoting the healthy function of organs and tissue.

Switch off and plug in to a world of relaxation that awaits you at RE:TREAT…