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Remember, remember the 5th of November... Unfortunately, this year Manchester council has cancelled the annual bonfire night events in the city due to covid concerns, however we have some top tips and ideas to have a fun filled bonfire night from the comfort of your own home.


Mini Bonfire

If you’re lucky enough to own a fire pit, gather some firewood, light it up and have your own family sized bonfire. Bring everybody around to toast marshmallows and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Take turns at telling stories or singing songs for a traditional camping inspired experience, or simply relax and stargaze. Even if you don’t already own one, you can purchase firepits for relatively cheap. Of course, ensure you operate the fire in a safe environment and keep children and pets away for an accident-free evening.


Firework ‘Painting’

This activity is one that children (and those who are still a child at heart) are guaranteed to love. Take large sheets of paper or canvas and use paintbrushes to splatter paint all over the sheet; this technique will create an effect which is reminiscent of the appearance of fireworks. For extra sparkle, try mixing glitter into the paints. Who needs fireworks when you can paint your own? This is sure to keep children and adults alike entertained – you could even hang them up and create your own mini gallery!


Bonfire BBQ

Barbeques aren’t just for summer. Invite your friends and family around for the occasion and enjoy warming barbequed food whilst you gaze at fireworks in the sky. Swap the salad for grilled seasonal veggies and replace potato salad with slow cooked jacket potatoes for a winter warmer meal. Make sure everybody stays warm and wrap up with cosy blankets and classic bonfire night clothing for the full experience.


Toffee Your Own Apple

Perfect to go hand in hand with a barbeque, or any gathering, is a toffee your own apple station. Prepare apples with sticks and lay out a choice of coatings and toppings so everybody can create their own delicious treat. Melted chocolate, sprinkles, caramel, and crushed nuts are just some of the possibilities! This is a great activity for people of all ages and one where children can really get involved and decorate their own dessert.


Party Night

Why not take the opportunity to hit the town and go dancing. The Lowry Hotel has live music every Friday, as well as seasonal drinks to get you in the spirit. Have an expertly made hot chocolate, or even a gingerbread martini. Trade the annual outdoors celebration for a warmer one.


Homemade Hot Chocolate

Everyone’s favourite winter drink – hot chocolate – is a great way to keep warm whilst outside on bonfire night. To make it extra special, prepare your favourite chocolates and stir them into hot milk of your choice for an unlimited number of flavour choices. To enjoy your drink to the fullest, you could even add toppings such as whipped cream and marshmallows for a truly indulgent experience.


Fireworks and Sparklers

It goes without saying that a massive part of the traditional celebration is focussed upon fireworks. If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden or outdoor space, you don’t have to miss out on this! Fireworks can be picked up from most supermarkets so you can have your own mini garden display – invite friends or neighbours for a fun celebration. Of course, if you are limited for outdoor space or prefer a safer option, sparklers are always a great choice and can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.



For those of us with dogs, cats, or other animals who may be afraid of the noise, Classic FM are hosting two special radio shows, one this evening, the 5th, and another tomorrow. These shows will play a specially curated playlist of calming music for animals, in order to help them through the stress of the loud noises and bright lights. Don’t forget about your furry friends whilst you’re having fun!



There’s no need to fret about public bonfires and firework displays being cancelled. With so many options and ways to celebrate from home, you can have a wonderfully fun evening from the comfort of your own home.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night from all at The Lowry Hotel – stay safe and enjoy yourself!