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Why float therapy is essential in the new wave of wellness…

Float therapy involves floating a ‘sensory deprivation tank.’ The tanks are designed to exclude stimuli such as light, sound and temperature, allowing the body to fully re:plenish itself whilst floating in water filled with Epsom salts.

The goal of float therapy is to fully calm the mind and body; however, it has an array of health benefits that kickstart from the very first session.

Stress, anxiety, and depression relief

Your body knows when you’re under stress, whether it’s tension in your shoulders or painful headaches and sensory input from surrounding influences can only worsen this. One of the main things that float therapy achieves is the removal of all senses and outside stimuli, this allows for complete peace instead of the sensory overload that you can sometimes experience. The time in the floatation tank will allow your mind and body to completely reset. Studies have shown that float therapy can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, especially when a sensory deprivation session becomes part of a monthly routine.

Relieving pain related symptoms

Through scientific studies, it has been proven that float therapy can assist in relieving the intensity of painful conditions. Although it isn’t a cure, the mind to body connection is incredibly strong and the stress of pain can manifest into physical symptoms, sometimes worsening the condition that you’re experiencing. If the stress can be reduced with the help of float therapy, this will in turn, lessen the physical discomfort.

Better sleep quality

Lack of sleep can lead to low energy levels, difficulty with concentration and an overall lack in positivity. A session in the sensory deprivation tank can provide a detox from everything that may usually disturb internal peace, it also blocks out the blue light that we are exposed to daily. Consistent exposure to blue light can delay the release of sleep-inducing melatonin, affecting the quality of sleep. In the pod, you can reach deep levels of relaxation by depriving yourself of light, sound and all the other senses, improving everything about your sleep schedule.

Increase creativity.

One huge benefit of float therapy is that it can enhance creativity and improve the way you think. A sensory deprivation tank allows for a unique and effective environment for deep relaxation. Research has suggested that floatation therapy can have a positive impact on reducing stress, improving mood and focus whilst enhancing problem-solving abilities – these can all have an incredible influence on neuro-divergent thinking, inspiration and creativity as these benefits allow the body to prepare for a more open and receptive state of mind. 

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