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World Bee Day 2022 is on May 20th and it is dedicated to raising awareness of these amazing insects and ensuring that they stay protected, because what is a world without bees?

World Bee Day 2022 at The Lowry Hotel is an exciting one!

We’ve decided that World Bee Day would be perfect to unveil our brand-new Lowry Bee logo, designed by artist Thomas Wolski. Wolski is a contemporary artist who creates highly detailed work inspired by his everyday life, providing a unique insight into the modern world. We are very proud to have one of his art pieces representing The Lowry Hotel.

The Lowry Bee logo is a symbol that represents The Lowry Hotel’s connection to the City of Manchester, and we cannot wait to share it with our guests. The logo will be placed high on the wall in our reception area and guests can search for the bee using our new golden telescope. Find the bee to discover more about it, come along and join in all the buzz.

Did you know that a third of the world’s food production is dependent on bees?

Bees pollinate around 75% of the leading global crops; everything from oil to tomatoes and even delicious strawberries. We need bees for our food! They’re vital in maintaining the balance of humans, animals, plants, and our environment.

As an iconic Manchester hotel, The Lowry Hotel loves bees. We’re worker bees after all! The hotel is proud to support and work with The Bee Centre.

The Bee Centre specialises in breeding native honeybees and releasing them into the environment where they can promote biodiversity and improve the pollination of essential plants and crops. The production of honey is not the focus for The Bee Centre, the bees keep most of the honey and only the surplus is taken for the creation of delicious honey.

The Lowry Hotel provides financial support for the management of various honeybee colonies which allows The Bee Centre to focus more on environmental factors than relying on honey from the bees for financial gain. This allows the bees to keep what they need most.

Whenever you stay with us at The Lowry Hotel, the honey found at the breakfast bar is sourced from the bees we support. Not only is the honey used to sweeten your drinks, but our chefs use it to craft many of the delicious deserts you experience at the River Restaurant. Containing over 200 components cleverly created by the bees, this honey is a superfood with amazing nutritional benefits. The honey is also woven into The Lowry Hotel’s own gin recipe, making each sip tastier than the one before.

Bee’s are amazing creatures that also aid in the mitigation of climate change and environmental conservation. Protecting bees encourages healthy environments and biodiversity which means animals, plants and humans are all well looked after.  Scientific studies have shown that bees are becoming increasingly endangered which is why World Bee Day exists.

The very first World Bee Day was celebrated in 2018 and May was the chosen month for World Bee Day because the need for pollination is greatest during this period. Spring is when the plants start to grow and flowers start to bloom, so there’s no better month to celebrate bees.

Even if you’re not a beekeeper you can help. It’s easy to panic when a bee is buzzing around you, their stings are quite painful. However, just remember that they’re flying around to find plants or water, they don’t want to hurt you. Plant some more flowers in your gardens and let the bees do their job, it’s a small thing to do for the insects that do so much for us.

It was only recently that millions of bees were rescued by a beekeeper in Atlanta. An Alaskan beekeeper was expected to receive a large shipment of honeybees but because they wouldn’t fit on the plane, they were sent to the wrong country resulting in a rescue mission. The bees wouldn’t survive another flight so after a few phone calls and emails, local beekeepers rushed to the airport to help the bees, taking them home and caring for the bees that survived. We all need to do our part in protecting these insects, no matter how big or small.

We hope to see you at 11:15am in the Reception area at The Lowry Hotel!