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At The Lowry Hotel, we understand that pets are cherished members of the family, and we warmly welcome them to join their owners during their stay with us. Whether you have a playful or obedient pup, we believe that every guest, including the four-legged variety, should feel at home in our establishment.

Pet Types: We accept dogs only (no cats, or other pets). No breed restrictions. Any dogs under legal act need to follow government regulations.

Pet Fees: A non-refundable pet fee of £30 per dog will be charged per stay to cover additional cleaning expenses.

Cleaning Fees: An additional cleaning fee of £200 will be charged for any pet rooms that require exceptional cleaning due to excessive dirt or damage. This fee is necessary to cover the additional time and resources required to restore the room to its original condition for the next guest. Hotel staff are not responsible for cleaning up any toilet incidents either inside the hotel, on the terrace or on the outdoor property. Should this occur we will assist with any cleaning supplies. Any incidents that are left unreported or left for staff to clean up will result in being politely asked to vacate the premises.

Number of Pets: Guests are permitted to bring a maximum of 2 dogs per room.

Pet Size: No size limitations for dogs.

Pet Behaviour: Pet owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets remain well-behaved during their stay. Any disturbances caused by pets, including excessive noise or damage to hotel property, may result in additional fees or eviction from the premises.

Pet Amenities: Designated walking areas (by the river & nearby parks) and pet waste disposal stations. Please ensure proper disposal of waste in provided receptacles. We do not offer any dog walking/sitting services; however, we do supply dog walking maps, please inquire at the front desk for more information. Dog beds, water bowls and dog treats will be provided. An extra charge will be applied for any dog beds or bowls that are removed from the premises. Water bowls will also be provided outside the hotel by the planters as well as on the terrace (requested at the bar). Towels will be available at reception to wipe muddy or wet paws before entering the hotel.

Pet Restrictions: For the safety and comfort of all guests, pets are not allowed in certain areas of the hotel. Pets are permitted access to the lobby, allocated bedroom, and terrace exclusively. Pets are permitted in the hotel premises solely if they are staying overnight. Service animals are exempt from these restrictions. Pets must be on a short lead at all times.

Pet Accommodations: Pets are welcome to sleep on the beds in the designated pet-friendly rooms. Pets may be left unattended in designated rooms only if the owner remains on the property. If the dog is left alone in the room, it is mandatory to utilise the "Do Not Disturb – Dog in Room" door handle sign. This ensures the safety and comfort of your pet during your absence.

Pet Rooms: Pets are restricted to our dedicated pet rooms. Once these rooms are fully booked, we cannot accommodate any additional pets for the night.

Health and Vaccination Requirements: All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and free from contagious diseases. Proof of current vaccinations may be requested upon check-in.

Liability: Pet owners assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages caused by their pets while on hotel premises. The Lowry Hotel shall not be held liable for any incidents involving pets.

Housekeeping: To ensure the comfort of all guests, housekeeping services will be provided only when pets are not present in the room. Please notify the front desk when you and your pet will be out of the room to schedule cleaning services. For any pet rooms staying for more than one-night, daily servicing is mandatory.