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Together with GreenTheUK we pledge to:

  • Deliver, promote and administer a grant scheme for the wildlife projects.
  • Ensure the grant recipients collectively plant a minimum of 600 trees in schools and community groups and 1.25 hectares of wildflowers during 2022/23 (but no later than end of 2024).
  • Jointly promote the project with GreenTheUK.
  • Showcase the achievements of the project.
  • Provide updates and images of the project.
  • Organise a volunteering planting event for 2-3 persons from The Hotel.

The Lowry Hotel is proud to be part of the GreenTheUK project. The hotel is donating two sums, with a total of £4,200, to different projects that work towards the same goal; making the world a more sustainable place to live. You can do your part in assisting us on our green mission by donating a small sum of £5 upon confirming your bedroom stay. 

We have donated £2,400 per year to the Trees for Schools Project in partnership with the Royal Forestry Society. This project aims to provide grants to RFS members to achieve the planting of 600 trees in schools and community groups in Manchester. This will improve outdoor learning areas for children and improves the habitats resilience to the negative effects of climate change. Climate change is placing added stress on trees which makes them vulnerable to infection, so with or help, the RFS can focus on enabling the forests to adapt to future climates. They want to educate the UK on how important woodland is to helping the environment, they believe woods should be managed, not neglected. Planting more trees throughout Manchester will aid in cleaning the air of carbon and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

We have donated  £2,000 per year to the second project which will be used to benefit the B-Lines Insect Pathways Project in partnership with Buglife. In return for this donation, up to 1.25 hectares of wildflower meadows will be planted in and around Manchester. The main goal of this project is to provide grants to plant B-Lines in Manchester that conserve out native pollinators and other wildlife that contribute towards Biodiversity. B - Lines are ‘insect pathways’ that provide a link between existing wildlife areas, connecting a network for insects and wildlife, similar to a railway system for humans. This helps create new areas of habitat for bees, butterflies and other wildlife which is incredibly beneficial for the environment. It will also allow for wildlife to easily adapt to the current climate change, ensuring that they live and happy and healthy lives.

This is an amazing way to raise awareness of sustainability issues within the UK, whilst helping to conserving wildlife and creating new life with wildflowers and trees. The Lowry Hotel is working towards becoming a plastic-free, fully sustainable business so providing aid to GreenTheUK is a huge step forward on the road to a green and sustainable UK.