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Renewable Energy

The Lowry Source of Green Energy…

  • Normally carries a 2% premium due to the standard of origin of the renewable energy source.
  • We have signed up to a green Tarif that has GoO’s.
  • A Guarantee of Origin (GoO) is used as proof that power has been generated from renewable sources. One certificate represents the generation of 1 Megawatt hour of electricity.
  • The GoO’s Fuel mix sourced for the Lowry is:

- 40% Solar

- 60% Wind


Overall at The Lowry Hotel we boast:

  • 100% renewable energy sources being used at the Hotel
  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy sources since 2018
  • At The Lowry Hotel our Electricity is fixed in a Green Energy Contract GoO's - European Guarantees of Origin
  • Our gas supply is from 100% renewable energy sources